'Hyde' began  as the home-furnishings manifestation of traditional woodworking techniques blended seamlessly with the unique application of epoxy resin. 

Matt Shields (pictured) is a 4th generation woodworker who began learning at the age of 7. His great-great grandfather worked in the Chrysler plant in Detroit when it opened in the 1940's building lockers and desks for his fellow employees. Matt's training began in elementary school, helping his father build Shaker furniture. He started this business while attending Carthage College (Class of 2019). 








Much of his current efforts go towards designing Mid Century and mixed-media Contemporary styled pieces. Matt supplies Elements East, Cream City Restoration and Fisk Avenue, three furniture stores in the greater Milwaukee area, with short-run and one-off pieces in between custom commissions. 

Matt Shields
Franklin, WI